What Are People Wearing in New York City?

What Are People Wearing in New York City? Ft. A$AP FERG [November 2022]

What Are People Wearing in New York City? Ft. A$AP FERG [November 2022]

Fashion in New York City has always been an interest for those outside of the city because it has such an impactful point on their lives as they go about their work or day to day activities. The different ways that people dress in New York can be easily seen and observed from afar, making it an easy place for people to take notice with how different fashion styles can be between one another.

Street style is always an exciting thing to document from our point of view. New York City is the mecca of street style where people's outfits stand out and even reveal the cultural trends of the city.

A new generation of fashion influencers are emerging in New York City. One of which is the person I met on this day.

I was minding my own business, walking down the street in New York City, when I ran into A$AP Ferg. I had to do a double take, because I couldn't believe it was really him! We exchange a few words, and I tell him how much I admire his style. He's wearing a matching Levis denim jacket and pants, Timberland boots with a big diamond chain and rings. He has a Red fitted hat and he has a silver grill on his teeth. He looks like he just walked off the set of a music video. He's so cool and effortless.

FERG was kind enough to let me ask a couple questions. His big smile and generosity of time made my day. He has played a big part in influencing the emerging style trends in culture. In my own way, I to pay it forward by gifting a $2 bill to him. His effort towards style made my day and I hope I made his too.

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